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Traditionally smoked or hot smoked?

Before embarking on this trout adventure we were barely aware of hot smoked trout but we now love it as much as the traditional smoked trout.

Hot smoked is cooked at the same time as being smoked, as opposed to traditional smoked trout which is cured and smoked but not cooked.

Preparing the Trout

If smoking large trout (approximately 2kg or 4lbs) the trout is filleted prior to being cured and smoked. Large trout are used in both traditional and hot smoking.

If smoking smaller trout (approximately 650g or 1-2lb) the entire fish is cured and smoked. Smaller trout are only used in hot smoking.

All of our trout come from our fresh water fish farm in the Moffat Water Valley.

Curing the Trout

Whether smoking or hot smoking the trout is first dry cured in salt and sugar. Fresh herbs can be added for extra flavour - we are experimenting with black pepper and coriander.


Once cured the trout is smoked overnight above smoldering oak chips from local woodland.

When smoking large fish the filleted sides are laid flat on shelves within the kiln. When smoking smaller fish the fish are hung in racks above the oak chips.

How to prepare and enjoy

All our smoked trout varieties are delicious on their own or combined with other flavours, including the favourites of poached eggs, capers, horseradish - the list goes on. For more ideas and inspiration on preparing and enjoying trout don't miss Shara's 52 Trout Recipes in 52 Weeks Trout Blog.

Our favourite? We are still trying to decide...

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