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In a nut shell...

Moffat Water Foods is a new venture bringing sustainable and natural food from local producers to the wider market. As a well established rainbow trout farm our first product is our own sustainable Scottish smoked rainbow trout, currently available by mail order or from selected retailers in Scotland and Oxfordshire- coming soon to London and other areas.

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Who we are...

Moffat Water Foods is a Routledge family business. Our family have been rearing rainbow trout in the Moffat Water Valley for over thirty years. We have recently returned home to carry on this tradition and to start a new venture producing our own fresh and smoked rainbow trout.

Together we are hoping to open up access to not only our own rainbow trout but also the diverse and delicious natural produce from the Moffat Water Valley and surrounding areas. With a growing assortment of pigs, chickens & sheep and access to wild rabbit, venison & snails we should have something for everyone.

Olly & Shara Routledge


Moffat Water Foods | Selcoth Farm | Moffat | Dumfriesshire | DG10 9LG
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Moffat Water Foods Ltd is a company registered in England No. 0708330
Registered Office: 4 Quay Walls Berwick Upon Tweed TD15 1HD