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Sustainable Scottish Smoked Rainbow Trout

Our rainbow trout are reared on our home farm and slowly smoked over native oak chips. Packed with authentic flavor they are an excellent source of omega-3, iron, calcium, selenium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and B12. They are also significantly lower in fat than other oily fish, including salmon.

Our smoked rainbow trout is available in sides and smaller packets - visit our Buy Now page for prices and availability.

Traditionally smoked or hot smoked? Learn more....

indulgent smoked trout

delicate hot smoked twin fillet

deeper hot smoked side


Our Packaging

Wherever possible we keep to minimum packaging, though we are exploring recyclable gift boxes for special occasions. We have chosen not to put plastic sheets between the slices of cold smoked rainbow trout until we have sourced an appropriate recyclable material. In the meantime, we can advise our customers to use a fork to help while seperating the slices.

Shelf life and Storage

Because our products are vacuum packed under controlled conditions they can be safely kept at room temperature (up to 22°C) for 24 hours and refrigerated for up to two weeks following smoking. All products sold will have a best before date clearly marked on the packet.

Unless otherwise specified we may dispatch our hot and cold smoked products from frozen.

Where to Buy

Independent Farm Shops and Markets

We are getting out there! Moffat Water Foods cold smoked rainbow trout is currently being sold at select delicatessens across the UK including our very special ex-local from our Oxfordshire days, Chadlington Quality Foods.

You can also find us at local farmer's markets in Scotland - keep an eye on our homepage, facebook or twitter to see where we will be - or at home on the farm if you are ever passing by Moffat. Provided you give us a couple of hours notice we can prepare most orders for same day collection.

Mail Order

We will send orders out to anywhere in the world but depending on where to and how much we may have to charge postage.

For deliveries to the UK mainland we offer free post and packing.

We accept orders by telephone, email and text and online. Once we have the details of your order we will send you an order confirmation email with payment instructions enclosed (or we can send by post if requested). Your order will be dispatched following confirmation of payment.

Dispatch and Delivery

Because we are still such a new business we are, for the meantime, trying to sending our orders out on Wednesday's only. As soon as we have more orders we will be sending deliveries out every day for next day delivery.

Wholesale and large orders

We supply local restaurants, hotels and caterers - including Brodies in Moffat - with fresh fillets and hot and cold smoked sides. We love helping out with weddings, christenings, parties and other special occasions where you might want to spoil your guests and can offer wholesale prices for orders of 1000g or more.


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