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COLD smoked rainbow trout

HOT smoked rainbow trout

Hot or cold smoked?

Before embarking on our rainbow trout adventure we were barely aware of the difference between the hot and cold fish smoking techniques.

Whether hot or cold smoking the rainbow trout is first cured by imersion in salt (either dried or as a brine) and is then 'smoked' by being placed in an enclosed space with smouldering wood chips (in our case native oaks) releasing their smokey fragrance.

In the case of cold smoking the enclosed space is kept cold or at room temperature while when hot smoking additional heat is applied effectively cooking the rainbow trout meat. This results in a drier flakier texture in comparison to to the smooth and indulgent oil-rich texture of the cold smoked.

Both are delicious on their own, on biscuits, on brown bread or combined with other flavours, including the favourites of scrambled (cold smoked) or poached (hot smoked) eggs.

Our favourite? We are still trying to decide...

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